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Vic Beasley Highlight Video


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After watching that all I can say is

D@MN he is fast! Glad he is a Falcon and cannot wait to see what type of player he develops into. 

Some of those tackles he beat were seasoned All Pros. And that was just with his raw ability. Quinn has a very nice chess piece on defense to groom for the future. 

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4 hours ago, FentayeJones said:

Vic's first step is insane.

We need to get this guy some help on the other side of the d-line. He cant do it by himself.

I've not seen that kind of explosion off the line since Abe played here. When he got that strip sack against ( was it Peters?) I remembered smiling very big thinking "we finally got oursleves a pass rusher".

My expectations were not double digit sacks this year, so without wildy unrealistic expectations I was able to be very pleased with Beasleys rookie season understanding he's going to get a lot better next year.

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1 hour ago, gazoo said:

Just another bad pick by Dmitroffed, Bustley only had 4 sacks and anyone that can't see how bad he is and we have no chance to win next year.

Trust me when I say these things son


Is this a quote or did you make it up? I can't tell 

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