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Only trade down scenario I think we have (Mock Draft)


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Four Questions????


It's still early but I think the only possible trade down scenarios that would be there is if possibly Jalen Smith slides because of his injury and the QBs. I don't see that happening because for one, without the injury he is one of the top 2 or 3 players in the entire draft, personally I say number 1, two he will reportedly be ready to play start of the season. Maybe he slides out of the top 10, but know way he gets to 17 in my opinion. The only other scenario I can think of is if Wentz or Goff slides or a team who wants Lynch needs to get in front of Buffalo. Houston is a definite play for a QB also but the pivot point is really The Rams not Buffalo and they pick 15, ahead of us. 1.) and 2.) So, my question is if a team offers us there 2nd round pick, there 1st round pick, this years 3rd, and next years 3rd. Would you take the deal if Jalen Smith is still on the board? Would you take the deal if one of the QBs were on the board (probably a no brainer here)?


Here is my scenario for us trading with Houston for Paxton Lynch... Chances are you might not "like" the draft, but in this scenario suppose you get 7 solid players and 2 pro bowlers out of this draft, but with picking up Jalen Smith you get Jalen Smith (HOFer Von Miller version #2, unstoppable freak of nature once he got his health back), and 3 solid players.  Did it for the QB in the scenario but 3.) Would this draft be worth not taken Jalen Smith if he starts to play up to a top 3 pick potential (Von Miller like player) mid way through the season or next year?

Round 1(Pick 22): Kevin Dodd DE (Clemson): Pass Rusher

Round 2(Pick 50): S'ua Craven LB (USC): Speed at Linebacker

Round 2(Pick 52): Adolphus Washington DT (Ohio State): Pass Rusher

Round 3(Pick 81): Kamalei Correa LB/DE (Boise State): Pass Rusher

Round 3(Pick 85): Deion Jones LB (LSU): Speed at Linebacker

Round 4(Pick 116): Jake Allen C (Michigan St): O-line depth (free agency more ideal for improvements here)

Round 7(Pick 236): Lloyd Carrington CB (Arizona St): Safety depth (tweener corner but shore tackler)

2017: Round 3: DeQuan Hampton WR (Southern Cal): Very early but basically best player available 2017

Question 4 is optional, well I guess all of them are 4.) What would be a scenario worth passing on him and accepting the trade if we know the player he will become (that is if you want to take him)?


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I posted the same type of thing a while back asking if you'd trade down out of the first in baby steps to collect 2nd and 3rd round picks and clean-up the guys sliding out of the 1st. However, it was pointed out that the draft value didn't work out. I looked it up and found if we traded back to 31 we could probably pickup 1 mid 2nd round pic.  I'd love to trade down this year and pick up more players but where we are sitting we will be able to get very good players at every pick. 

I think if we want more players we need to hope we get more FAs.

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Not having a 5th or 6th round pick We need some extra picks. I'd make it clear to all 31 other teams we are willing to deal back so make offers. If at 17 someone calls for the pick deal it if not take bdefpa if so rework the board and do it again. But if I could end up with 3 2nds and 2 3rds and our 4th I'd give up the 17 th pick in this draft. that's 6 players in four rounds if we can get 4 starters of the 6 that would make us a contender

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