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Offseason OT: Restaurants.


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Been in Nashville since Wednesday and have ate some good pizza at Five Points Pizza, some great pulled pork at Corkys, a crazy sweet awesome banana Nutella French toast stuffed pancakes at Sky Blue Cafe and a decent hamburger at Gabbys. Heading back to the Glory or Georgia in the morning. 


What town ya got and what restaurants you love or at least ate at recently and your thoughts?

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There are a lot of places around Dallas-Fort Worth to get into on this thread lol... a lot.

For now I will just go with the latest. Took the kids up to Sanger to hunt down a chicken dinner place. It was amazing. Babe's Chicken Dinner House in Sanger, TX. They have about 5 things on the menu: fried chicken, smoked chicken, fried chicken tenders, chicken fried steak... and something else I don't remember right now. They bring out biscuits, mashed poatoes, green beans, corn, and gravy. Everything is made from scratch and absolutely delicious.

Best part was the homemade banana pudding though. Good gracious. I took a large portion of this stuff home cuz we couldn't finish - and I haven't been that stuffed in years.

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1 hour ago, Carter said:

My dad and I used to eat at a meat n 3 type place called Norman Couser's Country Cooking. Seriously good stuff. At least when I was there... haven't eaten there in over a decade.

It's by the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere on Nolensville Rd.

Appreciate it but had already left a short time ago. Woulda looked it up. 

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3 hours ago, Yo_Lover said:

Willie's in Dalton Ga. (You'll be stuffed)

Armando's in Ringgold Ga. (Great burgers).

Armandos was pretty good. Better burger than the one we had at Gabbys in Nashville. Reminds me of the burger at Scott's in Cochran. 

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