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No LSU Football in 2016?


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Louisiana's governor has warned, in a live television address, that a statewide budget crisis could lead to students enrolled on scholarship assistance receiving an incomplete grade due to loss of funding. More than 50% of the student body is making use of the TOPS program. Affected students would not be able to graduate and would lose their scholarship. Such a grade would render any student-athlete ineligible for competition in fall.

Horrible situation if he's not exaggerating. There is a $2 billion statewide debt crisis. Seems to me that cutting off LSU in particular would be the worst thing they could allow to happen. With all the revenue LSU brings in directly with football and facilitates all around the state, particularly Baton Rouge in fall, it would be a catastrophic failure by leadership imo.


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17 hours ago, Falconsfan567 said:

There's no way this will happen. They would run that Governor out of the state. The LSU football program brings in far too much money for them to cut it off.

They're not cutting it off. 


Theyd be cutting off college classes for this semester which would make everyone ineligible. 

I have a much bigger problem with this guy threatening to screw over tens of thousands of paying students more than I do lsu football lol. 

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