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Mock Offseason 2.0

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Key cuts: Moore and Durant are already gone...plus Tyson Jackson, Devin Hester, Bryant (Add $6 million in space).

Key Free agent signings: Osemele Kelechi (OG Ravens). 4 years. $30 million. Ben Jones (C Houston). 3 years. $11 million. Dwayne Allen (TE IND). 4 years. $20 million. Josh Brown (K NYG). 3 years. $8 million. Super value WR and 2 LBs (maybe re-sign Biermann and O'Schoenfield). Re-sign Schrader. If we have enough money go after Travathan.



Trade back into the late 20's (add late 2nd round pick).

Late 1st round: Kevin Dodd DE Clemson

Mid 2nd round: Jeremy Cash S Duke

Late 2nd round: Deion Jones OLB LSU

3rd round: Tyler Matakevich ILB Temple

4th round: Cayleb Jones WR Arizona

Then take the best interior offensive linemen, wide receiver or LB in the 7th


You've dramatically improved the interior of the line. You've got Jake Matthews and Schraeder at the tackles with Kelechi at left guard and Person and Levitre battling for the right guard spot. At center you've got Ben Jones. At wide receiver you've got a very talented young draft pick (with minor character concerns). You also bring in a very talented tight end who can catch and block. Tamme and Allen. Julio and Cayleb Jones on the outside. Hardy and Roddy playing inside. Offense improved...especially the o-line, which will help with both the run and the pass.

On defense, bring in Dodd to play defensive end. Now you've got Dodd, Hageman, Solial, and Beasley with Babs, Jarrett, O'Schoenfield, and Goodman backing them up. Maybe re-sign Clayborn to a short deal if possible.

At linebacker you bring in Deion Jones who has lots of speed and experience playing weak side linebacker. You bring in the heart and soul of Temple's defense to help shore up the middle. Re-sign Worrilow. Give Reed and Beirmann more time. Biermann was a good backup this year against the run. Jeremy Cash will be a huge help at safety to go with Ishmael, Allen, and Therezie.


All of this is totally realistic. 

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Every mock draft seems to have us trading back and adding more picks. I wouldn't be against it but the Falcons need difference makers just as much as depth. I think it's essential to take the best player available on defense at #17. If there is one constant TD has shown it's that he doesn't trade down with the top picks. The more likely scenario would be them trading up to get their version of Von Miller since everyone tries to be like the SB champs. I'm excited that the Falcons could spend some money in FA this year. It worked pretty well for the Broncos (Talib and Ware).

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In our offensive system, the difference between a guy like Osemele and a guy like Jeff Allen is marginal...I would rather sign a low tier OG and spend the money on the defensive side of the ball (Olivier Vernon) than a high priced guard...YES, the Falcons need to improve the OL, but the offense wasn't bad at moving the ball last year...it was turnovers and red zone...

We ARE bad at rushing the passer...we need to put the money in that area...

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I understand the want to trade back, but if the DE we want (Shaq Lawson hopefully) is their at 17 we might as well take him and move on from there. In this draft there's a lot of C's that could start in the ZBS, I'd rather do that than sign Ben Jones, I don't think we should sign a kicker, just get an UDFA one. Getting an OG and a MLB would be the way I address free agency, with George Iloka being the guy I hope to scoop up at SS. I think if you slid in Nick Martin in the second and signed Trevathan and Iloka to go with Shaq Lawson in the first then this would be better. I like the later picks including Deion Jones. I'd be really happy with getting Dwayne Allen as long as we don't overpay.

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