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Falcons owner Arthur Blank: I love Roddy White


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7 hours ago, FenixFalcon said:

You wouldn't hear me complaining about having HD back after having to put up with watching Hankerson dropping every other pass this year. Here's to Hardy turning into Antonio Brown this year...

I think Hardy is the real deal. We're gonna see this dude blossom over the next couple years.

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On 2/7/2016 at 7:00 PM, RubberDucky said:

Why the **** does everyone on this board have a weird infatuation for Mohamed Sanu? The guy has only put up over 500 yards once in his 4 year career. He just finished this year w/ a little over 300 and no TD's.

Simply put, Harry Douglas was a better WR for us than Sanu would be,

We got rid of Harry to didn't we? Are you saying a guy like Sanu couldn't produce with us? Are we suppose to wing it with Roddy again? Clueless no? Wise to the fact? Yes. Keep thinking he can't do nothing for us, and I'll bet if we don't get a big WR like him someone will make him good if not us.

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