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Strong Safety of the future


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10 hours ago, .WORzone said:

Jayron Kearse. 

Let me preface this by saying I would love a Jeremy Cash or Darian Thompson type, but I think for this year we have more pressing needs and will spend our 2nd rounder elsewhere. 

Now with that said, Jayron Kearse is a playmaker. He has good insticts, great speed, and can lay the wood when necessary. He needs to work on his angles. He has the same size as Kam Chancellor at 6'4" 220. I think we could find a diamond in the rough with Kearse. Hes currently projected around the 4th round. 

I think Quinn and Smith could do a lot with this guy. He has sideline to sideline speed and good insticts for coverage, while also having great size for tackling. Im not about to say a 4th round pick will be the next Chancellor, but he has the size and skillset to be able to have an impact in every facet of the game like Chancellor does. He also has a knack for the ball with 11 total turnovers while at Clemson(7Ints, 2FF, 2FR)





He's got some skill and upside. However, I think we do invest the second rounder on Darian Thompson, assuming he is there of course. If we can just upgrade Godfrey a notch or two in FA we would be set on safety's.

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20 hours ago, Atlantafan21 said:

I understand you're using sarcasm(obviously), but it makes no sense why people here think a projected second rounder right now is a lock to be a first rounder. Unless he blows up the combine(which he likely won't), he's in the same boat as Shaq Thompson, and Shaq was the better prospect IMO. 

Stats prove otherwise.  The only reason you could say thompson was a better prospect is because he played offense as well.  Cravens' collegiate stats are FAR better than Thompson's, who went 23rd to the Panthers.  


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If you want physical at S, Karl Joseph is the guy...if you want in the box at S, Jeremy Cash is the guy...if you want a ballhawk in the air at S, Darian Thompson is the guy...If you want solid tackling at S, Miles Killebrew is the guy....

There are a lot of good S prospects this year....what will be interesting is to see what happens to Willy-Mo, and how Quinn feels about Allen...does that position need to be upgrade? Do we need to replace Willy-Mo (cut)?

In order, I think this is our priority:

Cut Willy-Mo

1. Eric Berry

2. Draft replacement for Willy-Mo

3. Draft replacement for Willy-Mo & upgrade FS position...

I think folks need to get used to the idea of Allen being at FS....Quinn knows that the front seven is more important right now and for the future...I'm not sure how much of an upgrade we would get over Allen in the 4th or 7th round...In Free Agency, I think we could see an upgrade, but not in the draft with most likely our first two picks going towards the front seven...

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