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skipping the Senior Bowl


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Conner Cook: said it didn't fit into his schedule,  

Seriously...   your schedule?!    WTF!!!??

Ryan Kelly: said he needed to recover from some nagging injuries.  

Ummmm, most players do. MOST of them go to the NFLPA, Shrine, and Senior Bowls.

Anyone know more specifics on WHY Kelly skipped it?


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Always some skippers. Some of them make a little sense sometimes, but in Cook's case it is just silly to blame it on your schedule. What GM , Coach, or organization wants to hear that from their QB of all players?!

I don't understand why Kelly would skip unless he was really injured and I have heard nothing that substantiated that so far...  would like to know more on that.

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This would give me a big red flag on Cook if I was GM.  It's not like he has a consensus top pick locked up and has nothing to prove.  He's what the fourth rated QB in the class.  He had a chance to compete this week and move himself up considerably.  

If his shoulder is still bothering him he needs to say so.  Otherwise it looks like bad judgement at best, a case of a$$hole-itis at worst.  Not exactly the vibe you want to give off during the process.

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