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Trying to gauge interest in doing an IMD this year.  If you don't know what that is, look at the top pinned thread in the forum for an idea.  The basic gist is though, that you become GM of an NFL team and make some offseason moves for that team, then it all ends up with a mock, 7 round, draft.  Just a way to pass the time in the offseason while learning more about the players in the draft and more about teams other than the Falcons.


Going ahead and adding this, so pick a team if you're interested.


1. Tennessee Titans: SBorBust
2. Cleveland Browns: Julio Pwns
3. San Diego ChargersSimicager
4. Dallas Cowboys: Burnedstang
5. Jacksonville Jaguars:  m2Falcons
6. Baltimore Ravens: Falcan Moore
7. San Francisco 49ers: JRob215
8. Miami Dolphins: AndySG
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: King Jigsaw
10. New York Giants: quotemokc 
11. Chicago Bears: g6773a (2)
12. New Orleans Saints: m2Falcons(2)
13. Philadelphia Eagles: The Falchemist
14. Oakland Raidersraidanation
15. St. Louis Rams: jwickha2
16. Detroit Lions: Robb4242
17. Atlanta Falcons: Romfal (2)
18. Indianapolis Colts: jwickha2 (2)
19. Buffalo Bills: BritFalcon
20. New York Jets: FalconFanSince1969
21. Washington Redskins: Robb4242 (2)
22. Houston Texans: King Jigsaw(2)
23. Minnesota Vikings: falconfanEST1989
24. Cincinnati Bengals: SBorBust (2)
25. Pittsburgh Steelers: 
26. Seattle Seahawks: Romfal
27. Green Bay Packers: g6773a
28. Kansas City Chiefs: A-TowN.-

29. New England Patriots: B_Lo_Touchdowns
30. Arizona Cardinals: Kennesaw77(2)
31. Carolina Panthers: The Falchemist (2)
32. Denver Broncos: JRob215 (2)

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Usually we do a free agency period that finishes when the combine ends.  Then we do a draft starting the day after the combine.


Teams are usually full by the end of January, so I'm wondering if we'll have enough people to do the full IMD.  If not, I'm okay with just a draft starting after the combine.  if we can get at least 16 people, everybody can take 2 teams and we'll do it that way.

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