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Ole Miss - NCAA formally charging


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i remember someone asking if all these coaches are turning them in why haven't they been caught?  as the article said and what i said coaches have indeed turn into ole miss.  it was only a matter of time a few of those other programs got some information on the cheating at ole miss. 

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7 minutes ago, VA F.O. said:

I'd love to flip Nixon in the midst of all this. I'm not counting on it though.

He may not flip to us, but these kids are about to run away in droves. 

Especially the ones who HAVE actually taken money. You don't wanna stick around for this. 

And the kids who didn't take anything don't wanna be punished by the ncaa for things they didn't do. Who wants to commit to a school that could possibly miss the next three bowl seasons? 

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And the biggest problem for ole miss is they're going to have to stop whatever they're doing. They're screwed. 


They arent USC or even Penn state. They can't sell the school even though they're in sanctions. Ole Miss only got good in recruiting because of the bag men. Now they're screwed. It's wonderful. 

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I'm just curious how much this is going to slide. NCAA being on campus used to be a big deal, people used to actually fear them snooping around to some degree. Funny how things change...

A lot of people are upset about how the Nixon thing went down and not just UGA coaches. WKU has supposedly already filed a complaint against Ole Miss for tampering, since Nixon's brother now has a scholarship waiting for him at Ole Miss. Ole Miss coaches were supposedly very disrespectful to Nixon's HS coach when he started voicing his concern. UGA, Miss State, and Bama coaches all fully aware of what happened.

So, knowing the NCAA the way we do... they might start asking questions about it 3 years from now.

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