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I Bet Arthur Is Stomping His Feet Cause


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Last night showed AB that he has trusted the wrong folks and made the wrong moves when it comes to pressuring the QB, but mediocrity is obviously acceptable in Atlanta as long as the fans hear buzzword promises (finish, execute etc.) and have a great game day experience in a shiny new stadium.

Sacks do matter buddy (stupidest quote of the century--"sacks don't matter) and just 200 miles up I-85 Charlotte has put together a Superbowl team

Brady never got on track with all the great pressure Denver brought

I'm pulling for a panty win--good for them

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Brady was sacked four times on sixty drop-backs, Palmer one three of forty-three. The consistent pressure on the other drop-backs is what won them the game. People who relentless repeat that quote taken out of context like bleating sheep need to be beaten with a helmet.

Of course, you're not a Falcons fan so who cares what you have to say.

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The reason the Panthers are so good is because they have drafted EXTREMELY WELL.

But we've had TD who hits on 71% of his draft picks!!!

I actually thought this thread was going to say Arthur was stomping his feet because he was a Settler.

"We've been Settler's for years. We've settled for mediocre football all our lives.The boy has his stick and hoop, the girl has her faceless doll, and mother has her cabbages.

Arthur has his foot stomping.

Anyway... back to plowing the ground, hoping for a fertile spring..."

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To me it seems as if Blank is pulling back and he doesn't want to turn things over to folks he doesn't trust. He has trust in TD since he has been here a while. I get it, that he is going to do the administrative parts of the job well. However, I don't feel that he does more than an average job at best when it comes to drafting talent.

So Blank is basically getting what he pays for. TD believes in trying to find these 4th round and lower guys that can play. Sure, we have a lot of guys from that area of the draft that can make the roster. The majority of guys in rounds 1-3 have not worked out for us. There will be more of the same as long as TD is around and running the show. There are some changes in the scouting department, maybe that will help, but I don't feel that great about it. We have a chance in 2016 to get some really good impact players with our top 3 picks. Let's see how it turns out.

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Yeah it's clear he wants a SB trophy here. This may be a poorly run organization but Blank means well. He tries, he definitely tries.

I mean well, but I'm not in control of a NFL organization...hold hearts in my hand.

Everyone loves a trier...AB isn't taking monetary loses. AB isn't suffering loss of sleep....heartache. AB gets paid regardless.

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