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Antonio Morrison--Inside Linebacker Who May Fall


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This kid will drop so my impression would be for a value pick later in the draft. Wondering what y'all thought about him??

He is a bit light in the pants but is all over the field. You cannot help but notice him when watching Florida play. Sub him for WOR in ideal down & distance situations.

Right now CBS has him like the 9th rated ILB at Rd 6 partially due to an injury he had.

Even if we worked him in on 3rd down for WOR initially until he put on some weight I like him.

STRENGTHS: The unquestioned leader and tone-setter for the Gators' suffocating defense. He is a light athlete to quickly redirect and burst towards the play, bringing himself to balance on the move to finish in the open field.

Keeps his feet well to work off blocks and displays outstanding awareness to recognize things quickly and react to the play before the ballcarrier can make a move.

WEAKNESSES: Can play too intense at times. Knee injury suffered in bowl game following 2014 season will require significant medical checks, but he worked hard to return to the field in just six months.

IN OUR VIEW: His medical reports will be the determining factor in his draft projection, but if fully healthy, Morrison is a top 40 talent.

--Dane Brugler (11/9/15)

PLAYER OVERVIEW Arguably the most intense player at the college level, Morrison wasn't supposed to play the first half of the 2015 season due to a serious knee injury in the Gators' bowl game last January. He was expected to miss 10-12 months, but was back on the field in only six months and has played at a very high level as a senior.

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The kid is all heart. Had a horrific injury and came back a lot sooner than anyone thought. He's got that drive that you look for. You can tell the game means something to him. High effort guy. Yes, he'll need some coaching up but you won't find a player late in the draft that doesn't need coaching. Wish we had more picks and who knows we might. If we trade back at some point and take a flyer on "Mo" I'd be happy about it...

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Thanks for the comments fellas. I do see some agility and speed. He needs coaching no doubt. He's a human missile that needs to be honed.

But i do see the ability to drop back and cover hidden in there with his psycho personality. Late gem perhaps. The one scout even mentioned he could be a top 40 pick if it wasn't for that knee so I really don't think he'd be there at 7. But if so, we must pounce.

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