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East - West Shrine Game Coaches


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With the exception of Glanville....AB, bring some of them home! June Jones would be tough, I think he enjoys the College game too much, would be a great OC in the NFL to work with MR, MR is no Jeff George (attitude)...Chris Miller as our QB Coach, I always liked him, to bad he was hurt plenty of times, he would be a huge upgrade over what we have now - young guy, no NFL experience & carries Shannys shinebox! Terance Mathis, ties to our only Super Bowl run, I'd say a top 5 ATL WR of all time also, hey we just lost T Robiskie, why not, don't wait! Steve Broussard, another past ATL player that I liked, I know Bobby Turner has been good, but maybe Broussard can be hired as an Assistant on the Offensive side of the ball....thoughts??

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