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With Titans Looking To Trade The Top Pick, I Bet Robiskie Would Love To Have Roddy


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Is there any scenario where you would include Roddy in a package for the top pick, or maybe their 2nd rd pick? What would you give up and who would you draft?

Roddy isn't even worth a 7th round draft pick now. He is old, especially for the WR position. Even if the Falcons cut him, I am not sure anyone would even take him.

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Why? Why would we want the #1 overall pick? A great player will be available at #17-if anything we need to trade DOWN and get more picks and stockpile this team with young talent!

I tend to agree. I think unless there is someone there at 17 that blows us away, it might be wise to consider trading back & getting an extra pick or two.
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I'm a bit taken aback regarding the thread title.

Now the thought of trading Roddy for a pick to a team who knows what Roddy brings to the table both as a WR and a competitor makes a **** of a lot of sense.

But as far as entertaining any sort of trade as it applies to the Titans 1st pick is, to me, highly questionable at best, and irresponsible at its worst.

No offense intended op...

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You dudes clearly aren't reading the OP. Obviously Roddy won't fetch a 1st, that's why I said "package". Furthermore, as clearly the top pick is probably not attainable, I asked about a package for their second rd pick.

A lot of you dudes are like all the weak journalists out there. You want to be the first to respond or post something so you do it without reading entire threads and actually having a thought process before you reply. It shows, it really does...

And I mean really, our season is over anyways. What does it hurt to talk about fhis type of crap?... We just lost our WR coach who knows Roddy was criminally underutilized.

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