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Jermaine Kearse


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He's going to be a free agent this offseason. The Seahawks have a number of free agents like Okung, Irvin, Kearse, and Sweezy. Yes, they have the money to bring him back, but they also would have Baldwin, Lockett, and Richardson if Kearse walked. They wouldn't be hurting without Kearse and may choose to use those funds elsewhere.

Kearse is 6'1 210lbs. That's pretty good size for a #2 WR. No, he doesn't have long speed, but his catch radius is the biggest selling point. Ryan needs WRs who have big catching radii and win at the catch point.

The only problem I have is, assuming a 5yr $35MM, we'd have over $100MM tied up between two WRs. If we can get Kearse around $7MM per year or less, it would be a good move. That's the price of a #2 WR. Roddy is already at $6MM per year. Cut him and use the savings to sign Kearse.

Julio would then be freed up to attack beyond 15 yards more often, Kearse would make a great intermediate threat with good hands and route running, and Hardy would continue to blossom into a solid slot option for Matt. Also, our top three WRs would all be under 27 years old. That allows for longevity at the position and opens the door to churn the bottom of the depth chart for a few years to find a gem.

Keep an eye on the Kearse train. He's from Seattle. Went to Washington so he may not leave. But if he's not made a priority and Quinn can tug him away, it would be a great signing.

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