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The One Person I'd Pay Absolute Top Dollar For In Fa

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DE/DT Muhammad Wilkerson.

He would fill that 'big end' role for us and also rush from the inside @ the DT position. His stats this past season are just ridiculous. 12 sacks, 11 TFL, 27! QB hits and he even defended 7 passes. (gets those hands up. will help matt in practice with batted balls)

Still just 26 years old he is entering his prime. This is the star we need to build our defense around. His inside rush is what is needed to push opposing QB's into our outside rush.

He should be target #1 no question.

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Word and common sense says there isn't a chance in **** he hits the market. If he doesn't sign an extension they're going to slap a franchise tag on him.

Probably. They did just draft Leonard Williams and they still have Sheldon Richardson though. They have a good amount of cap space, but no QB under contract. Re-signing Fitzpatrick will cost probably $15 mil so I'd imagine at least a $10 mil year one cap hit. That franchise tag will be in the $15 mil neighborhood. It'll be interesting to see what they do. I wanna do their mock off-season in the IMD game.

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