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Falcons Dump Lionel Vital (Player Personnel Director)


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I didn't see it at first, but the real problem starts with AB. He's too nice. He should've fired TD and Smitty last year. And now the report that Vital was deciding whether or not to take a demotion. C'mon man. That should not have been an option.

All of this demoting and reshuffling don't need to happen. If they ain't got it right after 8 years it's time to go. Period. Randy Cross said that all teams have a list of names they would like to work with ahead of time if it comes to that. Evidently AB didn't. On Black Monday last year he should have fired TD and Smitty.

He knew who the hot coaching names were. He should've already been connecting the dots to see who works good with the other. As far as GM/HC. Now we are probably stuck with TD because nobody will not want to be GM without total control. Even if you bring in DQ's boy George Paton and then give him total control, then you are gonna have problems with DQ. So I think AB messed this all up. But if DQ can get his scouting people in here then it might turn out aight. But AB must clean out this scouting department. Not re-shuffle.

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