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The Best College Football Game Of 2015-16


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Alright the season is over and I can firmly say we were blessed with some good college football games this season. Granted the bowl games weren't that great, but during the regular season we had some good matchup a so with that being said what were some of Y'alls favorites?

1. Clemson vs Alabama

Being a Clemson fan I loved watching this game to not only see where we are as a program vs one of the true great dynasties in all of college football but also just to see the fight we give to the tide when it looked like they were gonna stomp on us after the KO Return TD. We kept is close and almost won it in the end.

2. Any of BYU's first 3 games. This team first 3 games come down to 1 deep pass. They were fortunate to be on the right side on 2 of those, but in the end luck ran out and UCLA got the best of them.

3. Notre Dame Vs Syracuse

This was definitely an underrated game this season. After Heisman Hopeful Malik Zaire gets knocked outta the game Deshone Keizer come into the game and gave the Fighting Irish a little more fight than we expected as he lead his team to one awesome comeback.

4.Michigan vs Michigan State

You know why this one is here

5.Georgia vs Georgia Southern

This game was really interesting to me and idk why. Maybe it's because my high schools former QB was playing the big dawgs of the south, but **** this game was fun to watch from start to finish. Just to see both offenses struggle back n forth like that only to be bailed out by a huge gain every 10 plays was interesting to say the least...

So with that name some of yours!

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The Oregon v. TCU bowl game was pretty dang exciting, although I don't know if it's fair to categorize it as part of a "Best games" list considering TCU's monumental comeback was in part due to Oregon's QB1 injury.

That Dawgs v. Sakerlina probably shouldn't make any "Best games" lists but it's on mine because... Go Dawgs!

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