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Alabama Lbs In The Top 2 Rounds Dating Back To 1987


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I was having a conversation about college "factories" that pump out players at a high rate at one position group that's really strong (think Georgia DEs, Miami TEs/Safeties and my point Alabama LBs)

Alabama has put out All-Pro/Pro-Bowl LBS (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Alabama_Crimson_Tide_players_in_the_NFL_draft) in the Top 2 rounds pretty much dating back to 1987 with Cornelius Bennett.

The list is impressive: Derrick Thomas, DeMeco Ryans, Rolando McClain, Courtney Upshaw, CJ Mosley, Dont'a Hightower and so on...

My point is we have potentially two of those Top 2 projected prospects in the coming draft and next years in Reggie Ragland (though I see him as a Curtis Lofton sorta 2 down run stuffing MLB) and Reuben Foster (is going to be a beast) in one of the next two drafts.

I think we HAVE to target them if we have a significant LB need which we do. We haven't had a great LB since Tuggle, and a decent one in Brooking.

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Derrick Thomas was miles ahead of all those Bama LBs that have came out in recent years.


Most of them have not lives up to their college hype. Ryans has done decently while Mosley is on his way as an ILB.

For sure, the point is the success rate of LBs panning out at least being servicable starters is REALLY high in a bizarre way.

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That #90 on Alabamas defense is a great player. The man was everywhere vs clemson. Dont remember his name but that is a football player right there. Which is why I'm sure dimitroff will never draft him.

The fact he got out on the edge to stop Watson from going in for 2 sold me outside of the obvious.I thought he was thee guy in the middle for Bama.

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Outside of DT, nobody on that list is a mind blowing talent. Some of the recent ones are good and have more potential, but sure don't make me think we need to spend a first to get a similar talent. Just get me an athletic, instinctive MLB and/or WLB and this D will improve leaps and bounds. There are some good ones in FA, and some of the best in the NFL are 2nd round or later picks (L. David, B. Wagner, etc.)

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Never underestimated the power of the TD Stain guys. The man is roster cancer, and no matter how many people Blank tries to hide him under he still is up there in Flowery Branch preparing to "work his magic" again.

He's the Ron Weasley of the GM wizarding world, lol.

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