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A Quest Mock


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Well fellas and ladies another college football season has blew by us and now our front office should have a solid idea of what they want to get this team closer to a Super Bowl. Now in this I'm not saying I'm head of a scouting department or a cap wizard.. I'm just gonna state what I feel we should do moving forward and most importantly THIS OFFSEASON. So with that my GM cap is on and here we go. * side note sorry Tuggle if this is in the wrong place feel free to move if so*

Alright first things first is resigning,cuts,and walks. This is going to be huge moving forward for us because in my opinion this will be one of the biggest decisions Quinn will make in his time here. Simply because he must know which players to keep and to let go in order to build the team he and hopefully we believe is the best possible thing we could trot out their on Sundays. So with that here is what I believe should occur.

Phillip Adams WALK

Kroy Biermann RESIGN

Chris Chester RESIGN

Adrian Clayborn RESIGN

Beau Gardner CUT

Ben Garland WALK

Charles Godfrey RESIGN

Gino Gradkowski WALK

Shayne Graham WALK

Bryce Harris CUT

Devin Hester CUT

Tyson Jackson CUT (Post June 1st)

Jake Long WALK

Tony Moeaki WALK

William Moore CUT (Post June 1st)

Collin Mooney CUT

Brooks Reed CUT (Post June 1st)

O'Brien Schofield RESIGN

Ryan Schraeder RESIGN

James Stone CUT

Nate Stupar RESIGN

Phillip Wheeler RESIGN

Paul Worrilow RESIGN

If the resigning above occur I've given us alot of depth at LB and more importantly retained some key pieces to our defense like Clayborn and Schofield who can help us more than hurt.

Now with those in mind we gotta let TD get the monkey off his back and trust that he'll provide us with a nice Free Agency Pull. So with that here is who I think he should target...

Bruce Irvin (4 yrs 30 mil)

Irvin has already stated that he wants to be in Atlanta this upcoming season. And he already knows the playbook and is familiar with our defense. And if you also take into consideration we were near last if not last in the league in sacks I'm sure most would agree he is and should be our primary target.

Evan Mathis (1 yr 3 mil)

I'm going to go in a different direction than most on here when it comes to our OLINE, but stick with me it will make sense. See most want Osemele or Brooks, and I completely get it. They both fit the scheme and play at a pretty solid level. But they're gonna cost so much more than a guy like Mathis. I mean really think about this. Sure his age is a little concerning considering he'll be 35. But he proved in Denver this season that it is just a number. Plus he would not only be a safe option, but also a cheaper option so we could build up some other areas of need and have more chances to sign players.

Ted Larsen (3 yrs 9 mil)

Now see this is why I signed Mathis instead of emptying out the piggy bank for a combo of Osemele and Irvin. Because we can get a swiss army knife like Larsen on our OLINE who can play any inside position EFFECTIVELY (not like Person or Hawley). Now if you look at it we got 2 solid lineman for the price of one. Thus building depth and that competition Quinn preaches.

Mark Barron (4 yrs 20 mil)

What the Falcons lack in their linebacking corps is a solid coverage backer. Barron is that guy. Coming out of Bama he was a safety who once got to St. Louis converted to a OLB. He now is playing at near pro bowl level, and he is only 26.

Calvin Johnson (3 yrs 27 mil)

Now now calm down. I know what you're about to say. Why on Gods green earth would we spend all our money on Megatron when we already have Julio.... Because it makes perfect sense. With Roddy on decline and our next best WR being Hardy we need to sign an impactful WR to come in and be solid opposite of Julio. Megatron is that guy. And if we're being completely honest I don't event think his price tag will be as high as say someone like Jeffery. If he's smart he'll know picking a place where he can be a #2 instead of taking beating week in and week out like he has been in Detroit would be the right move for him. And what better place than his hometown Falcons?

Now if you take into consideration with all the signings above our cap room should be hovering somewhere around.... 5.5-8 mil entering the draft. And hopefully these players are Atlanta Falcons.

1st-Robert Nkemdiche, DT/DE Ole Miss

Yes I know pot smoking isn't good and you can insert all the Hageman and him would be blazing in the locker room all you want, but Nkemdiche is exactly what we need. He is a big guy who can fufill that Bennett type role we're missing. Plus he'd give us a solid pass rushing core for the next 5 years with him,Jarrett,Beasley,Irvin,and Clayborn.

Alternate Pick- Shaq Lawson, DE Clemson

2nd-Kendall Fuller, CB Virginia Tech

This selection might be a pipe dream, but it most definitely could happen. With his injury to end the season he's been projected anywhere from a late 1st to late 2nd. Now I'm hoping it somewhere in the middle so he can fall to us in an absolute steal because this guy is a CB we need. Fuller coming outta Foster's system is perfect for what Quinn will want in a CB to go along with Trufant and Collins.

Alternate Pick-Jason Spriggs, OT Indiana

3rd-OJ Howard, TE Alabama

Crazy speed that is almost unmatched in the NFL at the TE position. The only one who could compete with him is Jordan Reed. And yes i know his production might not be just overwhelming, but the talent is definitely there.

Alternate Pick-Sheldon Day, DT Notre Dame

4th-Luther Maddy, DT Virginia Tech

Yet another potential 1st rounder that fell outta the sky due to injury from VT. Maddy is a solid 4-3 DT that could easily give us depth and a replacement to Jackson.

Alternate Pick-Demarcus Robinson, WR/KR/PR Florida

7th-Ryker Matthews, OT BYU

Depth for our OT position behind Schraeder.

Alternate Pick-Jaden Oberkrohm, K TCU


QB-Matt Ryan,Sean Renfree

RB-Devonta Freeman,Tevin Coleman,Terron Ward

FB-Patrick Dimarco

WR-Julio Jones,Calvin Johnson,Roddy White,Justin Hardy,Nick Williams,Eric Weems

TE-OJ Howard,Jacob Tamme,Levine Toilolo

LT-Jake Matthews

LG-Andy Levitre,Chris Chester

C-Ted Larsen, Mike Person

RG-Evan Mathis

RT-Ryan Schraeder,Ryker Matthews

DE-Vic Beasley,Adrian Clayborn,Kroy Biermann,Maliciah Goodman

DT-Paul Soliai,Rashede Hageman,Johnathan Babineaux,Robert Nkemdiche,Grady Jarrett,Luther Maddy

OLB-Bruce Irvin,Mark Barron,Justin Durant,O'brien Schofield,Tyler Starr

MLB-Phillip Wheeler,Paul Worrilow,Nate Stupar

CB-Desmond Trufant,Robert Alford,Jalen Collins,Kendall Fuller,Akeem King

SS-Kemal Ishmael,Robenson Therezie

FS-Ricardo Allen,Charles Godfrey

K/P-Matt Bryant,Matt Bosher

LS-Josh Harris

Now I know not everything might not be 100% accurate... Especially the FA contracts. But this is just an idea of what I think should happen in the upcoming offseason to get us closer to the main goal. The SB. All in all I hope y'all enjoyed this long read and give some opinions. I like discussing the dirtybirds or I wouldn't be here. Give me some of y'alls thoughts on some of my moves or hey maybe you got some of your own? Regardless #RiseUp for life. Go Falcons! ~Quest

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No to paying Calvin 9 mill a year. When yall gonna learn that this offense caters to the #1 rec, the RB, and the TE.. No need to pay the #2 rec that kind of $..Other than that, FA's are ok..Cuts are fine too..Btw, Howard wont make it to the 3rd. Especially after last nights performance. I dont like your draft at all.. And I want no part of Ish starting at SS..We need a ballhawk back there..

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No to paying Calvin 9 mill a year. When yall gonna learn that this offense caters to the #1 rec, the RB, and the TE.. No need to pay the #2 rec that kind of $..Other than that, FA's are ok..Cuts are fine too..Btw, Howard wont make it to the 3rd. Especially after last nights performance. I dont like your draft at all.. And I want no part of Ish starting at SS..We need a ballhawk back there..

You know that's the thing about Barron tho.... He could also rotate in at SS because he has that experience from his Tampa and Bama days. That's why aside from Irvin he is the guy I want on our defense. Also on a 2nd note what do y'all think Calvin's price tag might be? I based his contract that made off of The one Oakland gave Crabtree last season

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I like picks 1,2 and 4 big time. Luther and Robert N. could be nasty added to what we already have and Fuller could solidify and already decent set of CBs.

FA:......Not so much. Just seems like a lot of money and unrealistic.

Gotta spend some to get some.

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I can live with any of this mock except round 2. If they take another corner this place will probably melt down. I'm 100% a bpa guy, but even I would raise an eyebrow to that.

For what it's worth, I would love to get Calvin here if it was possible. I don't see it happening except in my dreams, though.

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