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Does Anyone Know How The Talent Assessment Process Works?

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I have no clue how scouting works and don't watch college ball outside of the championship game so I have no clue about upcoming rookies.

From what I read our scouts are being replaced. I guess our scouting has been the culprit for our drafting woes all along.

How much of a challenge is it to find a solid NFL starter?

Not the GOAT, just a solid player.

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Well to just touch on the subject you have no idea about a players work ethic, life off the field, scheme fit, and he doesn't go up against NFL talent for the most part

Shouldn't they know something about work ethic and scheme fit? Those seem like obvious things teams want to know about. Edited by Atlantafan21
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Shouldn't they know something about work ethic and scheme fit? Those seem like obvious things teams want to know about.

You never know how a college kid that most of the time has no money is going to respond to having fame and money in a big city playing against players that are just as good or better than they are every game.

It's not just about physical talent in the pros.

College coaches have much more control of players and what they do away from the facility than pro coaches do.

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Exclusive "Insider" info concerning the patented, semi-magical TD draftee selection process:

1. Has candidate ever been president of his school or Sunday school class?

2. Has candidate ever suffered serious, persistent, chronic injuries?

3. Has candidate been slated to go in the 7th round or not be drafted at all?

4. Is candidate attending a school north of the Mason Dixon Line? OR,

5. Is candidate attending a small, unknown school somewhere in Louisiana?

6. Is candidate better at special teams play than at their chosen position?

If any two of the above stipulations have been met, TD will draft him. If more than two stipulations are met, TD will trade up to draft him four to six rounds higher than any other GM in the NFL would have drafted him. Hope this quick breakdown helps. smile.png

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Short answer as it relates to the Falcons: No. But you'll find no shortage of folks who will tell you with certainty how THEY think it works.

Long answer in general: Sure, KOG has some sort of scouting background. There are classes/seminars you can take online through the National Football Post, etc. My understanding is those types of classes teach you the very systemic methods of scouting....its not a matter of watching tape and saying "oh, I like this guy" as much as it's about the specific things you're looking for from a given player. And that goes from physical capabilities to conceptual stuff.

Is it difficult to land solid players? Yes, depending on where you put the bar for "solid players." My sense in reading what many have to say is that they probably understate what a "solid" player actually is. If you were to stretch the entire NFL player pool from 0 to 100, you would expect "solid" to be around the 60th percentile, maybe a little higher (depending on how you define solid vs. average). If you were to ask people to name "solid" players, I would expect people to name guys that are legitimately good players closer to the 75th percentile or above.

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