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?? The Tim Donaghy scandal in the NBA had Vegas' fingerprints all over it

This is why I hate the NBA... too many times you see things like a team best for finals ratings getting to the free throw line 37 times and the other team only 10. Stars like Lebron get away with carrying the ball and traveling. Shaq used to drop more elbows in the paint than Dusty Rhodes ever did in a rasslin' match and it was never called, and almost every year a favorable ratings matchup is what you end up with in the finals, be it the markets or the marquee names. I could believe the NBA is "manipulated" 10 times as much as the NFL because of the amount of influence the refs have on every single game and the consistent patterns.

Not so much in the NFL. We can debate those calls, but everyone of them could have been made at some other time and no one would have said anything. They just happened here at the end of the game so it becomes a big controversy. Worst thing is that Jones and Burfict do not get any benefit of the doubt from the refs because of their prior history, but that's on them.

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I think certain referees are bad and lack common sense but the league is not fixed. They could make half of the controversies disappear by making refs available for interiews. By shielding them, they permit questionable calls.

The NFL is just arbitrary and illogical. I still don't understand the pass interference on Roddy when Matt pitched a bad snap forward against the Titans. The ball was caught in the backfield and Roddy was more than ten yards away. I was always taught that there is no PI in the offensive backfield. Regardless, the flag was a reach and we thrown because some jackass felt like throwing it.

Beyond that, Aaron Rodgers threw a ball last week against the Vikings that was hit and before it left his hand it went backwards. It was ruled an incomplete FORWARD PASS. Huh? Why wasn't it at least a lateral?

And yesterday, a Bengals player caught a ball, took two steps forward, was tackled and dropped the ball before hitting the field. It was ruled a fumble. But had he dropped the ball AFTER hitting the ground, it would have been incomplete for failing to maintain control to the ground. SMH. SMMFH.

I won't call it fixed but they have an excuse for everything and make an awful lot of excuses.

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I don't think it's fixed, but like with everything, I think there are biases that might not be consciously intentional on the part of the refs, but their biases influence calls. I think those biases come from media coverage and agendas.

I don't buy into most conspiracy, but I think there are agendas that are suggested by the powers that be, and those agendas do affect the way things pan out, even if it is very slight.

(Not to take away from the idiocy of the Bengals)

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LOL at conspiracy theorists, don't watch it if you think it's scripted (I don't watch pro wrestling). The pass catch to Martavis Bryant (where he pinned the ball to his leg and did a flip while maintaining control was surely scripted!) Players getting injured and tearing their ACL's, it's all in the script!

If you had actually read the thread, you'd realise your post isn't addressing the prevailing opinion of the contributors.

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There have been several well documented and foot noted books on this very subject if anyone wants to read them. Probably not every game but I would imagine a certain number are for a various number of reasons. It actually kind of makes sense. After all these are all productions of the N.F.L. right?

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You'll not find a single player, former player, coach, former coach, referee, former referee, owner, league official--no one--to validate such nonsense. If there was just one single person with evidence that such existed that person wold immediately become independently wealthy from some media outlet willing to pay millions for the evidence.

Referees are human and make dumb calls and certainly can be influenced or even intimidated by the the crowd. But to suggest the entire league is "scripted" for a particular Super Bowl matchup is just plan silly. And yes, Elvis is dead too!


Why would the NFL which is going to make loads of money anyway risk it all, to fix games in any way shape or form. One referee coming out with a tell all book would create a huge chit storm. Players choke, refs miss calls, coaches screw up, because they are human.

LOL. **** Dallas just had a terrible call against them last year in the playoffs, where was the fix? Cowboys have loads of fans. I am huge conspiracy fan but to pull something like this off would take loads of people for a small payoff, if legit evidence got out it would ruin the league. NFL has too too many other oars in the water to risk it all to manipulate a Brady/Manning show down, better to let it play out naturally and throw in PSL fees and count their money quietly LOL.

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