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This League Is Fixed

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That's one of the benefits of having a rule book that leaves so much scope for interpretation and relies heavily on the judgment of officials. It gives them loads of scope to interfere in the outcome of games by the way they exercise that judgment. Just look at holding, personal fouls, PI and the rules about what constitutes a catch.

There are holds or borderline holds on just about every NFL play, so they can throw a borderline flag here or turn a blind eye to a call there as and when it suits them. The same goes for the hand fighting you see between WRs and DB's downfield etc. How many times do you see one team's QB rocked late and no flag gets thrown, but the other team's QB get barely touched and the flags come out?

It was very interesting when the replacement refs wee called in a few years ago. The officiating of the games was much fairer and it was totally refreshing to see games where the same old teams weren't getting the benefit of the borderline calls. They tried to discredit the res by highlighting a few blown calls, when similar decisions by the regular refs get no attention.

FWIW I don't think that the game are outcomes of games and predetermined, or that the teams or coaches are in on it, but I do think that the NFL (and its broadcasters) play favourites in favour our the big markets teams and teams with big fanbases - through the way games are officiated, setting of schedules etc. They chase ratings, because rating equals more money. Even the NFL's own TV network does it.

1). Excellent point about the replacement refs. Been thinking the same thing for a while.

2). In recent years The Optimal Postseason Matchup seems to happen a bit too often to be coincidence (Brady vs Manning, Harbaught vs. Harbaugh, etc)

3). I've become much more suspicious ever since the league started emphasizing the illegal contact/ defensive holding calls. The automatic first down practically gives refs a license to extend a drive as they see fit.

4). The storylines are becoming scripted. Burfict and Jones are idiots, but it's galling to see them treated like Hitler reincarnate while ol' Date Rape Ben gets propped up as America's Hero

5). I still watch in the hope that perhaps it's not true, and that if it is happening, having the satisfaction of seeing everyone involved go to jail

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Just go back and look at the spotting of the ball after each play in the Pit - Cin game. The networks attempt to hide the spot by cutting away after the tackle and not showing the line of scrimmage until just before the next snap, but add up the blatant spot of the ball screwups by the refs and you'll see the favorite. Look at the awarded first downs by Pittsburgh that were clearly short. The Steelers were also passing to the flat and blocking before the receiver caught the ball. That is ok unless it is the Falcons doing it.

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"2). In recent years The Optimal Postseason Matchup seems to happen a bit too often to be coincidence (Brady vs Manning, Harbaught vs. Harbaugh, etc)"

That's one big thing that turned me, too. The league always seems to get the best possible matchup to maximize ratings. They LOVE the backstory of the game because it generates interest. I'm guessing that this year they want Denver vs Carolina, with Manning going out with one more ring before he retires. They've been hyping Cam all year long.

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I don't believe the players are complicit. They play the game in the framework they're given and try to win.

The league, the officials and the networks all do their best to manipulate the circumstances of each season to create ratings cows come playoff and super bowl time.

I firmly believe that. Occasionally, teams will slip through, but by and large, they get what they want.

There's a reason the majority of titles are in towns like New York, Washington, Massachusetts, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.

The more you watch, the more these patterns emerge, even within games. So, the obvious question is, if I truly believe this, why watch?

I still watch because I believe the players are legitimate and work hard to win. It's the system that is crooked. I just watch with the knowledge that we have to overcome not only the opponent, but also the intentions of the league. Unlike, say, wrestling, where it's all scripted nonsense.

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If you truly believe that the NFL games are fixed, then why are you here? Why do you give even one second of your attention to the NFL? Why would you support, even by just giving attention, a fixed game? Doesn't make good sense on your part.

Why do you watch movies? Or television shows, cause it's entertainment lol

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And that's ok?

Like I said, the refs don't write the script. They just do the editing. And if it's on the cutting room floor, it doesn't make the movie.

Deion Sanders is defending Purfect, saying that he didn't go all out to take out Brown . There's only so much a defensive player can do, especially when the game's on the line. The rules have been increasingly slanted towards the offense for years.

But right now the NFL network is running a headline saying "will we see Brady vs Manning?"

You tell me this isn't their desire? You tell me this isn't the script? Sure, if exceptional athletes change the results, the league and media will fall in line. But make no mistake, the referees are primed to support the script.

And that's how the calls go. The Bengals got hosed. Just like the Falcons would have if we were playing the 49ers, or the Cowboys.

That's just how it is. Don't kid y

First of all you are pretty much just repeating what I said. All I said was that the NFL doesn't have a sheet of paper going into the week that says the Bengals will lose 18-16 today and then the players all just fall in line. I very much agree with you that the NFL tells the officials "hey, lets slant this one to the benefit of Pittsburgh" but in spite of slanted officiating, the Bengals could and should have still won that game. Sure you can call the borderline personal foul but if the player didn't act a fool, there would be no way for the official to throw the flag. Nobody called Burfict and told him "hey man, if the game is close to being won by your team, I want you to commit a stupid penalty that lets Pit win the game." Even if someone said that to him, you think he'd just be like "ok man, no problem."??

And it honestly doesn't matter if that's ok or not. They have the money, they provide the entertainment, they want to make as much money as absolutely possible and the only thing you can do about it is to not watch the game.

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The shared delusion crowd will arrive and joke this subject away now that it's morning. Closed minds can't accept the idea, because they're lives are so invested in these games and believing they are legitimate.

So, to maintain the mental framework that they aren't somehow wasting their lives, they dismiss and make fun.

People should accept that there is a difference between sports, something you play in your back yard at home, and sports entertainment, which only exists to earn money. More ratings means more money. You get the best ratings by putting the teams with the most name recognition in the spotlight. By any means necessary.

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If you truly believe that the NFL games are fixed, then why are you here? Why do you give even one second of your attention to the NFL? Why would you support, even by just giving attention, a fixed game? Doesn't make good sense on your part.

Wow, what sterling logic??

We live in a corrupt country and a corrupt world, so we should all go find a quaint place on the moon right?....oh wait we have been there

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Critical mass of eyes opened = WWE perception = one of two things, NFL changes dramatically at the top, or goes away.

All of us that know what is going on, and love the game, have to demand changes. First there need to be whistlebllowers, and the NFL needs to come clean.

I am a season ticket holder by the way.

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I think the poster child for how the fix works is the last Panthers Falcons game. The league wanted the Panthers to win and it was obvious that it was being helped in that direction. BUT the players and coaches are playing to win and they out played the fix. Officials would know if they are slanting a game that there is too far. I think that the Panthers game with anymore penalties that helped the panthers would make it too much.

I see people saying sarcastically Jeremy Hill fumbled to help them lose but that's the point. Cam newton fumbled and that was it. The officials had done their best without just blatantly calling the game. It just went the other way. The Steelers where basically getting a runway to finish, but they through a pick. Game over. Well unfortunately Jeremy hill couldn't hold on to the ball.

Like people have said time and time again. The framework is corrupt but the players and coaches are not. The players and coaches can beat the officials but it is difficult.

Superbowl after 9/11 Patriots win. Superbowl after Katrina Saints win.

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