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Opinions On Shannahan


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Or maybe koetter, tg, Turner, Roddy, Julio, ect ect make Ryan look better than he is? It's not hard to look like a good qb when you're surrounded by hof weapons.

Lmao... Like every QB doesn't have weapons. The only HOF player you listed is Tony G who was HOF before he came here and far from playing like it in his last season here.

I've been very critical of Shannahan but it's pretty obvious he is going to still be here next season so I'm going to support him but if I had my way he'd already be gone. I've been wrong in the past about players and other things so hope I'm wrong about him.

I'll say this though. The folks supporting Shanny should at least admit that it takes a year to get comfortable in his system and quit acting like Ryan is some sort of OC killer. With Koetter likely getting a HC job that will be both previous OCs moving on to HC jobs.

Ryan was part of the issue this season but Shannahan's system was what caused the problem to begin with so therefore he is part of the problem as well.

I fully beleive we would have been in the playoffs this year if we had kept Koetter or brought in an OC who ran a similar scheme.

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I'm not a fan of Shanahan at all. But I guess we have no choice to but to live with the fact that he isn't going anywhere and only hope that the players pick up the scheme better over the offseason and that we get a couple of good O lineman and an actual starting caliber NFL center above all else.

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