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Freeman Love


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All I read is how Coleman drops the ball and freeman dropped the ball 4 and got lucky 1 was covered for TD. I think all 4 were inside the 5 yard line with 3 going to the other team. I really think he did a good job but he get slammed at times.

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Fumbles tho J. That ain't a small thing. In football terms, it's a catastrophic thing. Especially in the redzone...That said tho...


I get that it's catastrophic and all that but if you're gonna make the focus on one particular problem talk about everyone who fumbled in and out of the red zone. Red zone fumbles were huge but not the key reason it was a disaster. There were red zone and end zone picks as well alot of other things. I guess the main thing I'm getting at is come up either something new to gripe about lol
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