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All For A Koetter Reunion? ....lovie Fired

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Seems they got a little nervous with DK getting interviews for head coaching positions. I fully expect them to keep DK as head coach and play caller and pick up a DC. Honestly their defense was horrible this year. Love had the corners playing the softest coverage ever.

I wouldnt doubt it. THey did the same thing to Gruden when Rahim Morris was being intereviewd by teams

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I'm trying but I don't get it....

He only had one year with JW and it seemed they took some steps. **** they beat us. This is a complete head scratcher. He wasn't even in the NFL hot seat list.

It's gotta be Dirk... I think they've been getting their ducks in a row these past two days or maybe longer than that to make sure Dirk wants on when Lovie gets the chop.

Look at the numbers Winston put up as a rookie, you can't let the guy who helped Winston get those numbers go so quick. No way they're blowing it up with Winston coming in and doing a **** of a job. Dirk as HC all the way.

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The bucs have won 8 games the past two years. Schiano and Raheem Morris had more wins in their two years. The bucs defense was horrible this year and last year. Lovie failed to put his players in a position to succeed. The Tampa-2 requires two very capable defensive ends which they did not have this year. Lovie didn't give a ****. He didn't adjust his scheme to hide their weaknesses.

Plus as much as DK gets shitted on in this forum he turned their offense around. From 30th to 5th with a rookie qb and a **** ton of injuries. If the bucs didn't make this move, then DK would probably go to philly. It's smart of them to keep DK to give jameis some consistency in his 2nd year and hire a more aggressive defensive play caller than Lovie.

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