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AB is basically taking a step back from F/ball and is going to hire a guy to run F/ball Operations.

I think we need a guy like Bill Parcells or Bill Polian.

It's not a well talked about subject but I feel AB has been as much of a help as a hinderance.Thisfor me is a key role going foward for this team and I really think we need a guy with some real F/ball credibility to run this team.

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No way we even talk to Parcells.

Probably not after AB gave him the cold shoulder in 08.

I got a sneaking suspicion AB would'nt hand over the keys that allowed Parcells complete power hence why he didn't go with us I can understand that but seriously if we want to be better it's probably best if AB takes a step to the side and let someone who really know's how to build a F/Ball organisation properly.

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