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Arthur Blank


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  1. 1. Is Arthur Blank hanging out on the sidelines a problem?

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I know personally a couple of people who get furious when they see Blank on the sidelines after the game. I've seen many people here post about Blank needing to stay off the sidelines during or after the game. What I can't understand is why that is such a huge problem?

Does Blank being there make us look unprofessional as a franchise?

Does Blank being there give the other team a competitive advantage?

Why are we upset that the OWNER of the team is hanging out with his team?

I cannot understand why some people think this is such a big deal. Can anyone enlighten me?

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One of my favourite things about Blank is that he's down there every game, rooting just like the rest of us. Have you seen the Panther's owner? He's up in the box, looking like his cat just died, every single game. Even when the Panthers are blowing the other team out he looks like the Grinch.

I'll take Blank being down there on the sidelines, exited for the win.

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Because people will make things up to complain about. It has no effect on anything with the team or perception wise.

See, that's what I think but I have people telling me "Blank and Jerry Jones are the only two owners who do that and look how bad those two teams are."

I just can't fathom how people can sit here on their computers or in their office buildings and tell an NFL owner what he or she should be doing when that action gives the other team absolutely ZERO competitive advantage. Not like he's pulling a Mike Tomlin and tripping punt returners on the sidelines.

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