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What Pisses You Off Most About This Season

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The center ****ig up the snap drove me crazy EVERY time. It literally cost us games and I think it sent us into that losing streak. The offense lost a ton of confidence, when you have to worry ab simple stuff like snaps on top of everything else it just weighs on you.

On a lighter note, anybody else catch Play It Forward w Tony Gonzalez? Sure do miss the dude in the middle!

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The coaching staff not making the necessary adjustments to stop the six game losing streak. Not a good sign.

Agreed. We lost 5 games by 4 or less points. 1 play a game and we could be 13-3.

I'm paraphrasing, but when Quinn said, "we won't change what we do, we just have to get better", I knew we were screwed.

Being more dedicated to a philosophy than winning is not going to work in the NFL. You never get the perfect roster.

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The fact our Coach/FO thought it was a good idea to trot out Person at Center even though he had ZERO experience at the position.

We had enough cap money and wiggle room to acquire an experienced decent center when they cut Hawley. They could have kept Hawley along as a backup plan if they wanted to experiment.


Long Snapper


Three positions you NEVER go into a season with inexperienced players.

Bad snaps and bad blocking and inexperience at Center caused the Domino effect of our offense collapsing.

It was a stupid decision that tanked our season and was something we could have easily prevented cause we had the cap room to get someone better at Center.

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The fans

Obviously this is an opinion thread but the "fans" mirrored what the football team did on the field. When we were 5-0, you didn't hear a lot of FUD. Fans were excited and everyone was on the cusp of superstardom and no one thought we would struggle like we did. If we had just been mediocre (record wise) all season, I think a lot of people would have been a lot less shocked at our incredible reversal. This IS a better team that the way it has played.

To answer the thread, turnovers, particularly in the RZ is what pissed me off most but pulling back, I went from consuming every piece of Falcons news, watching stats, smiling as I read positive stories about my Falcons, checking useless power ratings to not really posting much and not really caring too much until game day. I'm not one of those super nasty "fans" but this team worked hard to make those type of "fans". I hate the way this team played but I still wear my Falcon hats and shirts everywhere and my car still sports the Falcon logo magnets and my car is still red and black. I'm always in and always a Falcon but these guys stunk most of the year.

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