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I Really Miss The Way Mike Vick Played At Qb


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04 was a **** of a season

Yeah... Too bad it was every other season that was a problem with the exception of 02.

I remember in 05 or 06 where he had a 2 game stretch with 6 turnovers. 4 picks and 2 fumbles... And on the 2 fumbles no one touched him. They weren't bad snaps either. He just went to take off and the ball came out and the other team picked it up.

And those 2 teams were the Lions and Browns who we lost to. Those teams ended up with the #2 and #3 picks that year.

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04 was a **** of a season

56% completion rating

2 more TD's than INT's

7 lost fumbles 3 rushing TD's so in all... 17 TD's with... 19 turnovers!!!!

IF Ryan ever did that you'd **** yourself with anger, let's not forget that 27-10 loss in the playoffs!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!

By your standards Ryan has given us the same "**** of a season".

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why haven't you made the picks in the pick em league the last two weeks?

Work got super busy, senior project sprang up, trying to fill out scholarships as well. I remember I was like top 3 or 5 when I did it though!! Haha

It was fun and I'll def be doing it next year hopefully by then I'll be settled in to college and won't be too distracted.

Side Note : This scholarship crap is weird and if anyone reads this and could help me out/give advice that'd be great I'm kinda on my own here.

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