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Players That Wont Be Around Next Year


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Who will not be on the roster:

Bryant - he is good but he probably let Graham steal his job

Hester - this was a year off for him even in recent weeks

Soliai - he is one the most expensive players on our defense and has plenty of youngsters under him

Moore - same as above

Person - any guy who is replaced in the last game clearly is not a coach's pick

Who will not be going anywhere:

Ryan - there is not some great replacement sitting out there and hopefully we do not trade him for RG3 or something stupid

Worrilow - he will still be here because he is cheap but likely as a backup

Biermann - he will be playing less but he must have something on somebody in the organization

Tamme - he has probably secured another season as one of the TE rotation

White - the fan and press reaction would be very negative to any move to get rid of him and he is not tradeable

Matthews - the only OLman who probably does not have to worry about his job

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The Falcons MVP this year should be Devonte Freeman. Did you see the concern on his face as they were ref was replaying his first scoring drive? He was concentrating on the discussion and not celebrating. You can see the desire to achieve and how he plays his heart out on every snap. We have not had a back hit the hole with such fury since Turner's first year. This team needs a plan, inspiration, and passion.

Just look at the boards and you can see a heck of allot to be angry about...and yes I'm angry also, but when you look at a kid like Freeman it gives you incredible hope. AB should ask Freeman "...who on this team, from front office to water boy, will help you get a Super Bowl ring?" and let the heads role from there.

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