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Thank God This Crappy Season Is Over


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The team persona this year was crappy turnovers, bad penalties and shooting ourself in the foot every chance we got.

I want TD and KS fired and Ryan better get his crap together or I'd cut/trade him next year. Blank better not settle for everyone coming back as is next year or I'm not going to bother putting any effort into supporting this crap *** team. Probably tyhe most disapointing season of football since 1986.

2007 we knew would suck cause of Vick issues

2013-2014 plagued by injuries the likes this team has never seen before

This year?

We folded like lawn chairs when it mattered and only won enough early in the season to make it more disappointing later. for a fan of 30+ years I'm about done with this crap it's not worth the effort anymore

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This is just a horrible team, so uncharacteristic to fumble and throw redzone INT's so much plus add in stupid penalties and a suttering offense. Something has to change int he off season, TD and KS need to be gone. I cannot take coming back exactly the same next year and thinking things will be different.

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Yep easy schedule manageable injury situation through the year, we are usually 13-3 in those situations. We blew a huge opportunity and now our franchise QB and #2 WR look broken. We are going to struggle for awhile. I'm not to interested in watching the **** show.

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