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Which De Do You Like At #1


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SI posted it's top 40 players for the 2016 Draft. Assuming Atlanta drafts a DE in the 1st or 2nd round, these are the players in their list:

Joey Bosa #1 (not going to happen for Atlanta)

DeForrest Buckner #4

Shawn Oakman #8

Emmanuel Ogbah#20

Shiliqua Calhoun# 30

Your assessment of these and, perhaps, others.

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Are we replacing Vic already? Because if we're not, and we're drafting a DE in the first round, he needs to be a lot heavier than any of them, except maybe Buckner. Think 3-4 DE.

We use a pass rushing package with 2 guys out wide. Think it was Scho and Beasley rushing from that most the time

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Hope we go LB in the first. We need to sign Charles Johnson or Mario Williams imo

Who exactly would draft at #19? Other than Jack and Jaylon no one warrants a top 20 pick. I'm not in love with Ragland like some here, personally I wouldn't draft him with out pick. A pass rusher makes the most sense at where we select.
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Wow, the first 5 OLB choices for this draft class are pretty nice.

RANK PLAYER POS. POS. RANK SCHOOL CLASS HT. WT. PROJ. ROUND 5 Myles Jackinjury.gif OLB 2 UCLA Jr 6-1 245 1 9 Jaylon Smith OLB 1 Notre Dame Jr 6-3 240 1 21 Leonard Floyd OLB 3 Georgia rJr 6-3 232 1 37 Noah Spence OLB 4 Eastern Kentucky rJr 6-3 261 1-2 42 Su'a Cravens OLB 5 Southern California Jr 6-1 225 2
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At our pick in range I doubt anyone of the top tiers will be left. If I were to make an assumption as to who was left at our pick that could fill a DE role it would be Nkemdiche. He has a versatility to him that makes him an asset, but he does come with some baggage. I can honestly say I am more confident in Quinn's ability to deal with these types of players than Smith's. If Quinn is sold, I'm sold.

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We really need a great MLB. The great defenses past and present had an athletic game changer at LB.

Car has Keuchley

Sea has Wagner

Bal had Lewis

Chi had Urlacher


then we need a great WLB to cover the field (like L. David, who was a round 2 pick)

Man, our LBs stink.

Draft a stud @ MLB, sign Marc Barron for WLB, keep Reed at SLB, or get Irvin to replace him.

There are tons of combinations to fix our LB situation between FA and draft this year (thank God).

As for DE try to get a 3-5 year deal w Clayborn. The coaches finally realized he just needs to play end. He is as good an option as any. I would rather have Clay at 3-5, than Mario at 8-10. Johnson would be another option if he gets cut.

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