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Super Mario Will Be Available


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15, but they'd save 11 by cutting him, and they need money for Silatolu and Norman

though they could always extend him I guess

most think that he'll be released

Well, I'll believe it when I see it but if they're BOTH available I still don't know that I wouldn't take Mario over Charles.

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Drafting well, good coaching and depth is how to put together a good defense. Not splashy, expensive 30+ year old free agents.

Cuz Dwight Freeney certainly hasn't helped that Arizona pass rush. Just like Abe stunk that year he was out there.

30+ for an elite pass rusher shouldn't be the red flag you're making it.

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I wouldn't mind Mario if he took a cheaper deal, I just am not sure about signing an older guy like Mario who didn't give it his all during the 2015 season. Most Bills fans are okay with him leaving because he hasn't done much of anything this year. I would take others ahead of them if they became available as I have no problem taking an veteran pass rusher, but I'm really concerned about Marios attitude as of late.

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