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Super Mario Will Be Available


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No - there are different people who want different players and both are arguing both sides as they have different opinions. The boards didn't unanimously want Hardy and they don't unanimously not-want Williams.

Not complicated. I hate these dense "so everyone blah, but everyone blah" posts lmao.

I was very vocal that I never wanted Hardy. I also have never said that I don't want Williams. I'd just prefer to spend our money elsewhere, especially if he's making over 8 million.

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I dont think soliai would make the cut then... You forgot Hageman. Hes better then Soliai, Goodman, and Jarrett. Next year is going to be his calling. Hageman would push Goodman or Soliai down off the roster, rather Soliai be pushed out 1st tho for sure.

Yeah, forgot about Hageman. The reason I kept Soliai is because he's the only NT on the roster. That is unless Joey Mbu develops into a solid option at NT, then we can move on from Soliai.

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