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Falcons Sign Lb Xzavier Dickson To Practice Squad


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Per FalconsKelsey

Drafted in the 7th round this year by the patriots

Throughout his college career (2012–2014), he appeared in 39 games for Alabama. In his last season before entering the draft, he logged at least 0.5 sacks in five straight games and finished the season with 9.0 sacks, 42 tackles, and 12.5 tackles for loss
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STRENGTHS: Looks like a traditional 4-3 defensive end, sporting broad shoulders, long arms and good weight distribution, including a thick lower half. Flashes a quick first step to the outside, which he uses well to get pass blockers leaning before bursting back inside. Alternates his "speed" strategy with an effective bull rush, showing good leg drive to walk pass blockers deep into the pocket. Relatively light on his feet for a man of his size, showing good lateral agility and balance to change directions. Has some short area quickness to surprise ball-carriers with his pursuit. Long arms and good strength for the drag-down tackle. Emerged as the Tide's most reliable pass rusher as a senior, racking up an impressive nine sacks despite often being substituted.

WEAKNESSES: Isn't yet the sum of his parts. Shows power on his bull rush but struggles to disengage when blockers latch on, showing limited hand technique. Quick for his size but doesn't possess ideal straight-line speed to chase down ball-carriers and may project best as a base end in the 4-3, rather than as a stand-up edge rusher because of this limitation. Moved around in this scheme, swapping sides often as the Tide attempted to find him favorable matchups and was frequently subbed for... Was suspended for the 2013-14 Sugar Bowl for an undisclosed violation of team rules.

--Rob Rang

Pre-Draft write up

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If I remember correctly he was pretty decent at DE for Alabama, great sideline to sideline speed and was very disruptive. Maybe pairing Dickson and Beasley at DE might be part of the formula for our pass rush. That way we can save that draft pick for a much needed MLB or SS.

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