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Matt Looks Puny

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And this why every off season when they say Matt is "bulking up" I lol.

Well Matt has added muscle in the past. He did this in the offseason following 2011 and entered the 2012 season noticeably bigger than in previous years.

A lot has changed since then. Our offense doesn't feature many deep shots, and they likely don't practice them much either. That's the difference. After the Green Bay hail marry win over Detroit, Richard Rodgers talked about how much they had practiced hail marries. They practiced throwing the ball deep, and you see they are much better at doing it because of that.

This offense isn't asking Matt to throw deep, him and the offense aren't practicing it, and he's not being asked to muscle up in his training regimen. Maybe because the WCO is more footwork and timing based and they want Matt to focus more on being fast and accurate.

Different times now. Matt is perfectly capable of adding weight in the offseason and if the offense as a whole practices the deep ball then you will see improvement. What we have is a team that has abandoned the long ball.

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