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For The Ppl Who Want Mike Mccoy

brown bomber

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True but we didn't see any of that (at least no where near the level we have this year) from Ryan until Shanahan got here. He didn't become a bad QB overnight. Ryan has changed coordinators a couple times now and there hasn't been a significant regression in his play until now. Ryan was putting up good numbers and playing good football in spite of the terrible O-line and injuries.

There are some of us that haven't been happy with Matts play (especially big games) for years. This just happens to be his worst year. But we've been mediocre for 3 years now. Matt's the "leader" of the team so unfortunately for him he has to own that. I guarantee he will tell you he needed to play better these last three years. Getting rid of an OC in his first season is silly to me. What happens if Matt doesnt play great again next year? We try yet another OC? At some point you have to face to truth.

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Umm... That was kinda my point. The Chargers are losing despite Rivers putting up great numbers, in which he's also a better Qb than Ryan.

Which brings me back to my original question. "What the heII is he going to do with Ryan?"

He's losing because they've got no running game and defense! We're not asking him to be HC, we would be asking him to be OC.

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