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Brooks Reed 5 Year 22 Mil


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You aren't wrong. He's non-existent out there and I thought about it today again when I watched him.

Hate to say it but he's entering Ray Edwards level of ineffectiveness. I'd actually say right now he's been worse.

did he play today? it seems we have to ask ourselves that question regarding a number of guys making some good money on this team.

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It is almost inconceivable that we have a LB (a well-compensated one at that) can literally play half a season game and not even be mentioned on any play. I almost never see or hear about him on plays but you never see or hear him doing anything wrong. It really is like he isn't out there.

Exactly. I never even see him on the field most of the time and his name is never mentioned, good nor bad. He's the very definition of invisible.

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All of our linebackers are inconsistent. Durant, Worrilow, Schofield, Reed, they all have up and down games. Wheeler too. We need a real leader on the LB corps. Someone who will step up and play at a-whole-nother level. Someone like that guy Jax has in the middle or the kid at Carolina. I held out hope for Worrilow but never mind him.

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