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Another Meaningless Win

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Yeah really, how many years do we want to play this "lose the rest of the game for a better draft position" game? Would we be worst off as a team if we picked 4 - 5 picks back in 2014 & 2015? We would of picked Anthony Barr Taylor Llewan (more suited for current scheme), or CJ Mosley in 2014. Shane Ray, Bud Dupree or Andrus Peat in 2015. Our best defensive player Desmond Trufant was pick #22 in 2013 draft. In the same draft 7 of the 19 players drafter between pick 13 -31 are pro-bowl players while only 1 in the top 12 made the pro-bowl. Bottom line is whether we pick #10 or #15, we can get a really good player so tanking the season is not the answer, unless you want to build a culture of losing on purpose.


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Against most teams it would be meaningless, but against THIS team at the end of the season after being embarrassed by THIS team 14 days ago? Oh, I think it was WAY more than meaningless. Being able to pick a player 3or4 picks earlier would not do as much for The Falcons as this win!!

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FU - All my best friends are Panties fans- This is huge to me. The only team I want to beat more than the Aints is the Panties. Crapping on their "perfect season" only makes it better. If you were a true DirtyBird fan, you would yunderstand these rivalries! Go back to Denver, or where ever the **** you transferred to the ATL from.

Enjoy yourself tomorrow, brother. Make it count.

Today's win was like a shot of morphine to mask the pain of this season. Happy Happy.

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