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Happy For The Win But Jeeze Those Refs!

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We still commit too many penalties. Need to cut that down.

This. When you become known as a wreckless, sloppy, undisciplined team that commits a lot of penalties, then the refs start focusing on every little move you make and you start getting hit with borderline or even phantom penalties. Moral of the story, grow a effing brain, clean up your act and don't commit stupid penalties.

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Did anybody see the ref place the ball short of the first down (for the Jags), then place it up the field for the first down, then back, then forward again.....it wound up being a first down, when clearly the replay said it wasn't --- I was saying, WTF!!! I was 'bout ready to throw something at the TV!!! And then the "no calls" on all the holding that Jax did ---- may be the worst officiated game I've ever seen, even if you include the substitute refs a few years ago, which was a fiasco!

But, a win is a WIN!!! GO, YOU DIRTY BIRDS!!!

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