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Shanahan Is The Issue

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Why do our receivers either all go deep or shallow? Why isn't there more variety in their routes? We should win this game no issue but the offensive gameplan is garbage.

Exactly - it is a predictable and pedestrian offense. If it is Alabama and you have a physical advantage then fine but this is the NFL. It's horrid.

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Freeman had a great game until they contained the edge. Then we couldn't run at all. Need real guard and center

This. By far. But i do think Shanahan is a big issue too. Thought i would like him coming in. I was excited to grab him. His plays are **** and his routes are ****. Things seemed slightly better for some of the game today. But i would like to see shanahan gone. Right now.

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What a waste of talent. Get rid of this guy.

Roll out and throw to Julio. Offense looks like a bad version of Alabama.

I hope we don't have to see another year of a Kyle Shamahan offense. Some of the play calls today were just outlandish, according to down & distance. Surely, we can do better at OC, than this clown!

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