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Star Wars Vii: They Killed! **spoilers Inside**

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I didn't have a problem with that part. But I did have a problem with...

Ripping off the other movies, especially IV, all the miraculous "coincidences", a weak azz emo villain (at least in the 2nd half of the movie), and 2 characters wielding a light saber with success with 0 experience.
It makes sense that they could hold their own with it. Finn was a stormtrooper and they established they were also trained in melee combat, even if he was just a janitor for most of his time with the First Order, and Rey was also an experienced fighter with melee weapons as shown in the first scenes. Finn did well using it against mostly distracted stormtroopers before getting wrecked by that one who noticed him and didn't last long against Ren. Meanwhile, Rey fought Ren when he was wounded, shocked that Anakin's lightsaber preferred her, and while trying to take her alive because she had the map information. I also got the impression that he's either not well trained or experienced fighting with the lightsaber in a refined way with his powers mostly focused on using the Force as weapon. It's also not like they have to be proficient in everything related to the Jedi and the Sith. Sidious never used a lightsaber outside of those hamfisted scenes in RotS and Anakin and Luke never showed much proficiency at anything other than lightsaber combat and using the Force to give them an advantage in piloting.

I've also gotten the impression that they're going back to the original trilogy's way of lightsaber combat where Jedi and Sith were basically space wizards with laser swords that were used in a more medieval way instead of the prequel cartoonish warriors gods who were nearly unstoppable killing machines.

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