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Old Birds = New Life?

South GA Bird

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Just saw where Chipper was coming back in an advisory position for the Braves. This really got me thinking about what you see in the college ranks and how it might translate to the NFL and in our case to the Falcons. Would a cast of previous players that spent all if not a good portion of their careers be good to put a sense of homer ship back into this team as coaches? College teams love to go after the warriors and alumni of yester year that bring a sense of history and rivalry hate that makes the game so fun ie hopefully Kirby Smart to the Dawgs. Would there be those men that would want to try to infuse new life back into this franchise either in an advisory or coaching capacity? I know many already have good gigs or are set with living out their lives just as they are. We need Saint haters and guys that understood the aspects of being a homer for this team. I know it's unlikely but here is some to pursue and thinking of positions they relate too: Prime, Brooking, C. Smith, Van Note, Andrews or Jamaal, Case. I know this is wishful thinking but there are some head knockers in that group that played with a sense of Falcon pride. Would the past help the present? Who knows?

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All of those players were around for far more losing than winning.

They were but they were good Falcons. We need an infusion and a culture change within the structuring of this organization from the upper tier management to coaching. A lot like some of us longer tenured fans we understand the rivalries even back to the NFC West days. I loathed the 49s along with the Saints. We need good football Falcons even though their teams didn't reflect their entire body of work. Edited by South GA Bird
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