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Anybody Here Good At Detecting Lies? Matt Asked About Relationship With Ks


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Look, the plays called by Shanahan, if executed perfectly every time, would produce a TD.......every time.

The fact is and has been forever that we have a below mediocre roster......more like pathetic. We have very few or no playmakers. Both sides of the ball.

If this was a court of law instead of a football franchise TD would be jailed.


End of story.

Using that logic, every defense we face is drawn up to create a loss of yards or a turnover. So is ours...our entire team needs upgrading. Also the plays called need to reflect the "ability" and skill level of the players we have. Edited by ol'_dirty2
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I had to go back and watch the presser Matt Ryan did today after practice, and if this film clip is any indication of whether a person is lying or not --- Matty Ice is LYING LIKE A DOG about getting along with Shamahan!!!

In the clip, Jackson said when you're lying, you immediately look up and to the right.....and low and behold, that's EXACTLY what Ryan did! I burst out laughing when I saw it.

So, there's our answer, folks ---- Matt Ryan LOATHES Kyle Shamahan!

And I must say, so do I ---

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