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Rodney Harrison Kicks Dirt On Matthew Ryan

Bunchy Carter

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Texans game when Julio was a rookie comes to mind exclusively.

The throw in Indy where Ryan threw over 50 yds to Julio between three guys was also impressive.

Julio's preseason game against Pittsburgh he threw another 50+ yds in the end zone, Julio dropped it bit the throw got there.

I really don't understand the Ryan arm strength debate.. he throws the ball fine. His game is about touch not force.

Ex: Andrew luck and Matt Ryan has a very similar arm strength. Luck forces more throws then Ryan, where as Ryan likes to use a lot of touch passes, almost basketball like. But I have seen Ryan gun it in there when he needs to.

Andrew Luck and Matt Ryan have similar arm strength? There goes your credibility.

Also, the ball that Ryan threw to Julio in Indy was clearly underthrown (hence why Julio had to adjust and contort his body as he has had to do on occasion to catch Ryan's passes).

Ryan has to put a lot of air under his passes, even on those only going about 40 yards. The longer the pass, the more evident it becomes. Luck, on the other hand, has thrown strikes with LBs and DEs hanging onto him. Ryan can't do that.

Ryan's arm strength is average. Always has been. It is not comparable to Luck, who clearly has a stronger arm.

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lol ive seen Ryan over throw Julio a lot of times through the yrs..

Like I've said in a another thread, get Ryan help on the line. Give the man time to look past the first read then he will be able to look deep down field more.

You can't be explosive with a snotty oline.

Even Rodgers looks average when he has no time

Overthrow doesn't equal big arm. Man Ryans deep ball is a duck. It hangs so much that usually Julio has to slow down or contort his body and adjust which also causes him to slow down.

Look at guys like Roethlisberger or Palmer (not the biggest arms in the league). See how fast the ball gets down field and check out the trajectory. Very easy to catch and maintain your speed.

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