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Anyone Going To Jacksonville?

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I live in West Palm so I have plenty of beach time. I'm going up for visit family for Christmas so it's on the way.

makes sense on some level - still, why ruin your day and $$$ on this putrid version of Falcons. I fully expect them to be further humiliated by the Jaguars - who are decent this year - Jags hung 51 on the Colts this week.

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Yeup. I was so excited at the beginning of this year. Was finally going to see the Falcons plays a real game. ( been to the preseason games here). But, I think I'm gonna pass on this game in jax, unless someone gives me and gf a ticket...

Falcons have sunk below the Jags in talent level. thank you Dimitroff!

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"Unfortunately" bought tickets long before the season started. Just wondering if any of you guys did the same and are going next Sunday.

p.s are they gonna kick our @ss too?

I have a second home in the area and had planned on going. However, I have a rare weekend at home in Georgia, so I'm not making any plans to go. The Jags are my adopted team, but I can't bare to see the Falcons get beat by them.

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