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Dan Quinn Hinted At Evaluating Players For Next Season

The Rock

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At the post-game press conference, Quinn mention that during the remaining 3 games he would be evaluating players "individually" to find out which ones had grit and could finish and so on. Basically hinting that he has begun the evaluation process for next year's roster.

Players will be playing for their jobs in the next 3 weeks and with many of our players entering free agency, it will be interesting to see who will be back next year. However, based on the play in recent weeks, not many players will be re-signed.

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For what?

For the last 2 years Brian Cox has had the DLine playing with poor pad level, and I haven't seen any players showing progress. Hageman is still a big baby. The pass rushers have no technique, and the DLine has been the worse in the league 2 years straight.

I'll admit though that the rush defense has improved from last year, but the pass rush has been atrocious and that's why COX was brought here to improve.

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Honestly is there any point to evaluating the crap that is on this team. We all know the junk that needs to go, just bench this trash, play out the string and move along to next years draft. It will be another meaningless draft because we all know that Blank doesn't have the balls to fire TD, but at least it will put an end to this dumpster fire of a season.

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This team is going to be a dumpster fire for another two years AT LEAST before we become competitive again.

Thanks for bringing in so much talent during your eight years here, TD

careful, some ppl on here just KNEW it wasn't TD, it was the coaches..

Coaches this coaches that, " we have talent just used wrong" lmao

Like I said, until this team build through the lines we will continue to struggle.

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