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Why The Falcons Will Be Mediocre Or Worse The Next 2-3 Years


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It's amazing how much emotional energy we've put into this team, and they always seem to dash our hopes. It seems we're in no position to improve to Carolina's dominant level in the next couple of years:

- Football is a frustrating game. Every time we add a piece, another player gets old or injured. This team needs LOTS of top knotch players and we only seem to add a couple quality players each year.

- We bring in very few pro bowl talented free agents, and don't spend much money in free agency (at least recently) although we had money to spend

- Ryan has a huge frickin' contract and can't even frickin' throw a ball over 20 yards. Can you imagine how well Julio would do with a top 5 quarterback who can throw the ball down the field?

- We picked very high in the draft last year but these aren't impact players (at least not yet). We have way too many positions to fill--we have needs in multiple positions. How did Carolina get so many great players and we have barely any other than Julio and Trufant? We'd need about 3-4 first round players next year to even begin to catch up to the elite teams!

- Out of curiosity, how much could we get realistically for Ryan in a trade and would there be any takers?

- I know this is crazy, but well before the draft there were rumors that Dimitrov wanted to pick Omari Cooper. Would that have been a better pick than Beasley?

There just seems to be too great a hurdle for us to be good to great over the next years, esp. with a very questionable "elite" quarterback. Sorry guys. It sux.

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