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Beasley Got Held


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Kaklil Mack has been held all day and has 5 sacks..What couldve been. smh. We're always one pick too late..... . Jake is ok, but Mack is a star..

And he had 4 sacks last year. Outdid himself in one game. Just gotta hope Beasley has his breakout year soon.

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Guest facelessman07

Is it too much to ask for a well officiated game? No one here is saying our lifeless team would have kept it under 30 points if we would have a fairly officiated game, but **** this was a joke today.

No game is going to be perfect. We've had games where the calls have been in our favor

Honestly, the officiating doesn't bother me that much. What bothers me is how bad this team sucks. When we start playing respectable football then I'll start worrying about the refs. Till then, my concerns are solely on the team

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People say Oh you lost 38-0,that didn't make a difference. But there's is this thing called momentum and you never know what would have happened had it shifted. That 3rd and 1 stop that wasn't, led to 7,it could have led to us scoring before half time and getting the ball back after half time. Who knows? You get the calls right regardless.

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